Casey Latimere Kreicar

Welcome to my personally maintained website; made possible by GNU®/ Linux® & Apache®

The following web page is written in HTML, CSS, & JS. This website is being used as a learning experience for web development.

This web page also subsequently serves as my own personally maintained ePortfolio, which includes work I completed within the MLIS graduate program at Old Dominion University.

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About me


→ Résumé ←

work history and education

Media Platforms


→ HTML overview ←
basic overview of HTML5
.html file on github


→ CSS overview ←
basic overview of CSS3
.css file on github


→ PY overview ←
basic overview of Python3
.py file on github


→ JS web page ←
basic overview of JavaScript (ES6)
*work in progress

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MLIS Projects

(*To access my official ODU ePortfolio please enter the following four letter password: LIBS in all CAPS when prompted to access my ePortfolio)

Official ODU MLIS ePortfolio: → ODU ePortfolio ←

Project #1

LibGuide on 3D Printing

(Hyper Text Markup Language page written/edited by me)

→ 3D Printing LibGuide ←

Project #2

Integrated Library System Management Project

Impact project for VCU Libraries involving creating a matrix table to manage student worker roles within ExLibris's Alma ILS
→ ExLibris Student Worker Project ←

Project #3

Assessment Plan Proposal

Assessment Plan Proposal Project

→ Library Public Computer Usage Assessment ←

Project #4

Library Profession Resource Curation List

(Portable Document File containing professional resource list)
→ Professional Resource List ←

Project #5

Strategic Planning

West Virginia University Law Library

(Community Outreach Initiatives Proposal for Legal Reference Materials)
→ WVU Law Library Outreach Proposal ←

Project #6

Budget Reduction Group Presentation

(Mock/Hypothetical Virginia Beach Public Library System Operations Budget Reduction by 10% for Fiscal Year 2023)

→ VBPL Operational Budget Reduction Proposal ←

Project #7

Lightning Talk on MARCXML

(Metadata organization/classification system structure)

(YouTube video presentation)
Extensible Markup Language or XML for nesting legacy classification systems (MARC21)
→ MARC/XML Talk ←

Project #8

Collaborative Collection Development

Elementary School level (K-2) Math/Geometry Library Collection Additions/Development

→ Math/Geometry Library Collection Development ←